visit to Association Togolaise des Expulsés in Sodoké


Here is a short first report of the visit of the Togo-delegation of Afrique-Europe Interact consisting of 4 Togolese and 3 European members of AEI Europe and 2 Malian members of AEI Mali.

The aim of the delegation is to support our new member, the Association Togolaise des Expulsés (ATE), and to meet more organizations of the social movements in Togo.
We met quite some activists of migrant, womens and human rights movements, journalists, lawyers between 14th and 23d of 2014 in Lomé capital and in Sokodé where the ATE is located and where many (deported) migrants come from or live. We were also interviewed together with the ATE (first time) at a live radio in Sodoké.
We met so many deported refugees whom we interviewed : one drugged before/during, one imprisoned for 6 month after arrival in Lomé, one family with three children born in Switserland deported after 17 years (!) in Europe and now begging in the streets of Sokodé -, families of migrants that drowned in the sea form Nigeria to Gabon.
We had a very good exchange between ATE and AEI about possible common projects and common ideas.
The conference ATELIER SUR LA MIGRATION – Thème : « Etat des lieux du phénomène migratoire : en jeux et défis pour la jeunesse africaine » was well attended, some 100 people including 30 expulsed migrants, a table ronde sur le thème : – Deportation et la politique migratoire Européenne, Suivi des migrants dans les pays d’acceuil, Developpement et démocratie.
Followed was the projection de film « Da.Sein » sur la situation des migrant-e-s de retour forcé de l’Europe suivi de commentaire.
200414_ATE_interview4deportee who explains how he was send from Amsterdam to Senegal with his hands tied behind his back, his legs tied together and his head pushed between his legs. After one night at the airport prison in Dakar he was sent tied to Lome.