Letter from Choucha 2015

Dear All,

Choucha refugee camp that was officially closed by the responsible UNHCR leaving hundreds in limbo at the camp till date,at the Tunsian-Libyan border, since 2011. We would like to update you about our situation, though there is not much to be updated about: we are still displaced in the deserted remote camp. All plight not to be forgotten, though the camp was officially closed by the UNHCR, there are people still leaving in it.

The situation in Choucha calls for urgent intervention, since we are suffering mental,physical psychological violations and torture, that reduces human power of concentration in the middle of nowhere. Extreme cases speak for themselves: a Sudanese is laying in Choucha after three major surgical operations that involved the spinal cord and his urine system, being abandoned in the camp without medical attention (negligence)and other several consequent cases denied. Moreover, we lack running water, sewage, food, and we are forced to beg alimentation on the main street heading to Libya. We believe every sane mind today knows that hunger is the world’s n. 1 health threat, that kills more people than any disease or virus that has ever been discovered. It is better for things to be stated with a direct factual basis. We are being placed in a life threatening situation.On the other side, we cannot go back to our countries of origin because of the individuals risk of persecution (same reasons we put forward in our requests for asylum to the UNHCR).

Local integration is not a solution to Choucha for several reasons:
.The general climate of discrimination and racism that many of us have to face,as demonstrated by several complains and testimonies had gone through without attention.

. Lack of asylum/refugee system,that,even if its been enacted today Choucha is not supposed to be the experiment for the practise,hence many will remain under the impairism of past experience.
.It has severally been stated officially to us in meetings with members of the government,choucha is not and has never been a priority topic of discussion and as human,we are the victims suffering and living the situation without any impact or support from the government,knowing fully well that the camp is situated in the middle of nowhere,the deserted remote geographical location chosen for the camp (6/7 km away from the day to day troubled border,putting us in a dangerous position).
· Some of us were arrested in 2014 three consecutive times for exercising our legitimate rights of demonstrating,the authority and all human rights defending groups failed to help us,putting into consideration that our lives in Choucha for all these years is on hold,neither were we showing pleasure during all these process.Protesting against these decisions/situation that has existed all these years long,without suitable durable solution to end our plights.
· Demographic arc of instability,i.e,political,economic E.T.C.
Our appeal to the Tunisian government as host of Choucha refugee camp, hence its easy to perceive in all given statements  “that our demand for resettlement to a safe third country with effective system of asylum/refugee protection”, “not local integration in Tunisia”,as a proposed plan/program,human right leagues/experts,activists and the civil society,IS to urge the camp responsible UNHCR,under whose authority the camp was  established to accomodate the victims,consequence of the Libyan 2011 crisis and with whom our legal cases were registered and the International Committee upon the agreement/s with which the camp was enacted and closed, as well the essence base of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights were made.
Our struggle is instigated by our own suffering and our own experience,It is a struggle for the rights to live with human dignity in harmony with equal rights and justice,fair opportunities,to be accorded resettlement,not confined to Choucha open detention.
Our Demand And Appeal To UNHCR And The International Committee
.To be accorded resettlement to a safe third country counting with effective system of refugee/asylum protection.Not local integration.
For all these reasons given,we call on your support of our course and demand.

Remaining forgotten refugees at choucha/Unhcr camp of Libyan/Tunisian border